March 2005 Archives

Pick up the phone »»
Worst. ringtone. ever.

Night shadows of the past »»
Reflective paint street "art". Inspiration for Roadsworth for next summer if he's still game, and not in jail?

The inevitable, uncontournable »»
Besides growing demand in all sectors, food included, "If the Chinese use oil at the same rate as Americans now do, by 2031 China would need 99 million barrels of oil a day. The world currently produces 79 million barrels per day and may never produce much more than that."

Another dimension »»
Second life, er, live-ers?... are moblogging from within the... um... game?

The Thought Project »»
Really nice photo project. The photographer stopped people on the street, took their close-up portrait and asked them to tell him what they were thinking of just as he stopped them...

Nimble fingers »»
DJ master...