September 8, 2006 13:36 | Culture / MacStuff / WebTech

Buy movies...

Ok here we go.

Amazon just unveiled "Amazon Unbox", their movie and TV show purchasing & download store.

Apple is rumored (damn near confirmed) to release their movie download service next week as well, however with fewer studios signed up (whatever).

Two easy consequences:
DRM will be shoved down everyone's throats and everyone will accept it because hey! I can download "24" and "CSI" and watch it like now! I don't care about my cultural rights! (and why would I for pabulum like that?!) /snark

Mad scramble to find easy solutions for piping movies from your computer to your home entertainment system. This sector has been growing steadily for years but this will probably crank it up a few notches.


Care to elaborate what you mean about "my cultural rights"? You don't HAVE to download the movies/tv shows unless you opt to so how are your rights being infringed upon? I'm curious.