February 8, 2007 01:12 | WebTech



Yahoo! Pipes is like a web-based Max/MSP visual multimedia sampler/remixer/filter for web content.

It's a beast. It slices, it dices, it joins and concatenates... it'll even machine translate, extract geo:data, filter by whatever, allow you to input parameters at request time.

And, everything you "remix" is available to you via RSS or JSON feeds.

Terrible, simple example: 20 results for a picture search on Flickr for "Africa", combined with the GVO Sub-Saharan Africa feed, machine translated to Simplified Chinese, ordered by Publication date.

I could have written code to do this, but this environment lets me assemble it by dragging around little widgets and hooking them up.

Here's a neat one: analyse the New York Times feed for keywords, then search Flickr against them, and show me what ya get.

Possibilities are vast.


"Our Pipes are clogged! We've called the plumbers!"

Oops, problems with the tubes.