December 6, 2004 04:16 | MacStuff / WebBlogging / WebTech

Into the wild

Adriaan, the erstwhile developer of such sweet apps as ecto and 1001, today has released two of his little Perl scripts for Movable Type: the Technorati Plugin and the script.

Both of these have been running, beautifully, on Joi's site for a few months and a week or so, respectively. Ado is well placed to create these, especially the Technorati and Flickr stuff, having worked on the very APIs both offer himself.

I don't really use Technorati myself, but the one will be put into full effect here as soon as I move servers (soonish?) and have full control of CRON.

Bravo and thanks Ado!


Actually, my dear Bo, I didn't work on Flickr's API. I do use it extensively via 1001. Apart from that, your compliments smell like roses :)

my god, the mutual congrats are making me want to puke. you two should get a room or something... :D

You don't use Technorati? You're SOOOOO not getting a Christmas card this year...