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The Japanese have come to blow your mind
oh that's where I left them
volatile organic compounds detector made with arduino
an explanation for Tom I.
Guess what I get to do now
move towards the light
GPS seatback display in cab
mob mentality
Kyoto gas bombe
more of the balloon
what he's looking for
it's begining to gerkin slot like Xmas.
Um, not so much
everywhere in town, toktok t
everywhere in town, toktok tok
everywhere in town, toktok tok
shadows of our former selves, castles in the sky
"If for any reason"
well, I think I may have my Friday sorted
sake chilled from the outside
I live in a bungalow
the view on the side of a van
pay Electra, the call girl
Bedroom window view
good morning
extra ordinary
Uh, hello? PETA? yeah you won't believe this BUT...
"We're number one!"
street l337
joo tawken 2 me?
it must be the shoes
view from flat
Lord Mayor's
"repairs actually everything"
"repairs actually everything"
"repairs actually everything"
me too! me too!
calm down. nothing to be alarmed of.
aren't these WMDs?
GVO card proofs
Triptych, Shatner Building, McGill University
Triptych, Shatner Building, McGill University
Life as a voyage, travel as a lifestyle.
What do you see?
Pop Montreal
With a capital F
Icons for sale
Behind the counter
lotsa reading this weekend
pock pock pock
oui mon general!
stupid drunk person tricks.
pointy shoes are in at the moment. I hate pointy shoes.
common usage
incoming over the old city
what a logo
the only messy shelf in the whole store
not the same?
I may yet bust these out...
so does media coverage...
setting up reality
Nitto Noodle
it isn't yours...
did i mention i hate print?
left behind
manga in english
"this is how we roll"
GOOD magazine
that was fast
LOSTCAT & bukt
a japanese N80 from Tokyo
Fuehrt dich Gott
get a part on tv
CDG citrico
He who laughs last...
to the four corners
too many possible titles
ceiling work
plaster graf
public service announcement
he who believes
coming along
Dion facelift
Dr. graffiti
why, hello world!
don't think just start
someone's personal geography
sunset on st-denis
white Y-3 hightops
my first new real bike ever
half an hour later
commuter flight
goat dachshund baby pizza OK!
election beer
SoftBank? Pantone?
for Matt Jones
for Julian Bleeker
run down and dirty
Waiting for Migurski
rated T for Absurdity!
interactive satellite street map
Skype. fon.
crack on LaForet
the CRACK side of life
Push and Pull
thin keitai
Perfect timing
Cafeteria lunch
fon wifi AP
stickers are done!
a little later
coming and going
good day to stay in...
for the little kid
first ice rain
not terribly mobile
context aggregator
T'as des belles bottes
Lifestyle change
quick reads
every little bit helps
A typically Canadian problem
ominous artifact
stop and go
proper sequence
RFID Academy?
the remains of the day
watch compass
logique du jour
washroom naughtiness
closing time
fascination with morbidity
local take on foreign news
do the filing
3 column layout
'you see what i'm sayin'?'
a fascinating semio-social experiment
parting the bikepath
make cafe good
slowly sunday
zoom night test
MacDonald rock
banks, surveillance and robbers.
moi [aussi | non plus]
suzuki A100
snakes sur le bus
Bombing 4 peace
wadda way ta go
no comment ;)
super glare
You were born free...
I <3 scale models.
a splash of pink
why thank you!
Between symmetry
tango in the park.
The Replaced
The Replacement
RFID Speedpass
Object culture spread
Going senile?
Japanese stamps
Composting drums
Fantasia opening
$4 replacement keypad
Needed, if not
Black blue and brown
Behavior modification
IKEA Loaded 2
IKEA loaded
Fatty fatty
dual function
money owed
last train
rockin engrish
sit still!
gohonyubi sokkusu
strange animal
ghanaian adinkra
"The Internet is in the closet..."
you'd think
take me away
Snow on black honeycomb
A thousand words
Shanghai Living
It is kinda pretty I suppose
Something lost
In Montreal 2nite
Splatter Kitty
Debba dabba...
Go Habs Go
Waste basket
Sidewalk Spam
Not foolin'
20'' on it's ear
Michael and ISF
Pine People
Free outdoor wifi
Hacking Movable Type
Montreal Elvis Memorial
Monkeying around
Shake the Karl
My education
WiFi Tablet Adverts...
Total Awesomeness
Treasure Hunting
ISF at Fringe Fest
Fender Bender
Power failure
The rental
Labels and Tags
Mile End graf
Beautiful day
When Powerbooks meet
Meta Aaron
Vodka tonic
Cosmic Reboot
Happy BDay Flickr!
Yamanote Line
Not so good day
Metro Platforme
Can't sleep...
More of my room
My view from my bed
The Canadian Party Fridge
Picture cushion
No more Internet
First snow
My father's light
Devices of design
Sofa, wine, sausage.
Pates Baroni
Crise existentielle
Returning Hunters
Sexy Serveuses
Drawers and Legs
Wall of Fame
Visiting Toronto
The Fall of 2004
Le Monde Diplomatique
0ld Renault
Antique fire engine
Cat and Nikon
SUV drivers support the troops
New Oakley's!
Wakey wakey
Biiig truck
Labour Day
Odd juxtaposition
The Reception
Exchanging vows
Here they go!
street stencil
pavement graf
la dolce vita
what the...
film shoot
fantasia soldout list
sushi restaurant flyers
community composting
today's blog entry
mouse patch t-shirt
done dishes
lion sentinel
the patcher
my father's light
outside champs
pourquoi pas
Hanzomon Line
Good Morning!