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I'm home

Oh god yes. I am home. Can you tell I am deliriously happy? :D

Coming home

wellfare city - my favorite place

Says it all.

Lost in Tra... OW! Ow ow ooowww!

stubbed toes

Anyone got a sharp knife?
Hehehehe. Damn that hurt.

Social Genes

Shigetz :-) reasons, answers: I want to spread my Social Gene

Social gene is the intelligence that you can pass to next generation and it can't be existed in phisical way.

A real Johnny Appleseed I tells ya...

How to Care for Your Web Designer

Eris Design | Standards in Design. Standards in Life

It is important that you carefully read this manual. A well-cared for Designer will be a loyal new asset to your website for many weeks and months to come.

All current and future clients will get a copy of this. I may even send it to a few past ones to give 'em a frikkin' clue. ;)

The Bottle

Great idea over at tokyo-genki.com.

Gonna try this.

I got a machine

I got a machine
And I took over the world
In one weekend
I took over the world
With my machine
I did it because
I was looking for a project
And it was either
Take over the world or learn French
So I took over the world
And next weekend
I can learn French
I got a machine
And I took over the world
But nothing changed
That wouldn't be fair

-Violent Femmes

Weblogging behind bars

Not sure if ClearlyCalm is real, but it sure is creepy.

One minute an average, middle-management accountant working for a bank. The next, sent down for 9 years for embezzlement, fraud and another 5 charges. I'm in Wormwood Scrubs. I'm in shock.

Good luck, mate.

No words, just pictures

I have upped the pics of the first half of my Tokyo trip to my gallery.

Sadly, pics from here on in will be rare, if not non-existent as my camera decided to die. This pains me greatly.

Don't believe everything you read

Over breakfast Jim was going through a magazine...
- "Oh that's right, you don't like cafés... you wrote about that..."

My reply:
- "Oh, right, well, err... You know, that thing (this blog) is such an amalgamation of different aspects of me that nothing on there is really... real. Yeah."


Glad I'm not american

I wasn't going to comment about the hostage takings starting up in Iraq, but this Globe & Mail homepage shot makes it quite clear. The japanese and the canadian hostages stand a good chance of going home. The american doesn't. I hope you sleep well, Mr. Dick Cheney.

While I'm at it...
Yankee, go the fuck home. It is utterly irrelevant what you think is right or wrong. They do not want you in their land. Whether you liberated or invaded them is a moot point. They WILL kill you and yours. You have two choices: get the hell out once and for all, or annihilate the entire region. Otherwise, settle in for a long, bloody (and I mean that literally) time. Nobody wins in this and you know it, I know you do.

Koizumi-san, how did that feel? You scared shitless yet? You are ready to betray your people any more? Did you watch what happened in Spain last month? Pull the SDF out, please.

Thank god, praise allah, etc etc that Chretien had to the good sense to tell Bush et al to take a hike.

Soli, I hope your buddy gets home safe.

Spending lavishly

Everyone's asking for a blog entry about Tokyo. The title sums it up nicely.
A lunch of yakitori in an alleyway counter in Shinjuku the size of my washroom cost about $35.
I've been here a week now. Three to go.

Being a visitor somewhere means you spend ALOT of time moving around. My feet are in permanent aching mode.
A week in and jet lag still comes and kicks me in the head every late afternoon.

The "OMG, I'm in freakin' Tokyo!" impulse to spend every moment exploring has faded. Phew! Now I can relax and enjoy it. Exactly why I've dumped myself here for a month.

I need new clothes. New me, new clothes. Makes sense no? :)
Shoes: check. Killer pair of black leather New Balance. Cost me less than my meals that day.
Pin striped tailored jacket and a stack of nice shirts. And one more pair of boot cut jeans. Yeah.

SO505is DoCoMo camera phone. Sweet, yet disappointing.

I am going to take a recommendation and start randomly popping into the millions of little bars packed into tiny multistory buildings all over town. I hate cafés. Not my scene. I'm a barfly, might as well admit it. Coffee just makes me jumpy. A drink, a smoke and a smile make me happy.

Pin striped tailored jacket and a stack of nice shirts. And one more pair of boot cut jeans. Yeah.

Night flight over Tokyo

Shibuya from helicopter
I managed to smuggle my camera on-board a helicopter tour of the Tokyo night sky. This despite being pointed to a locker (where I put my wallet instead) and setting off a metal detector ("oh I forgot my lighter in my pocket!").

The view was, of course, spectacular. We took off from about a half-hour-by-train east of Tokyo and within minutes were circling around Tokyo Tower, swooping into Shibuya and quietly contemplating Shinjuku.

And then, it was over. 14,700 yen I'd spend again.

Psst... over here

May I direct your attention over here...

(My mobile photolog. Not fully active yet but I should have a SO505is within the next 24hrs, from which I will be posting like gangbusters.)


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